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Elephant Lady Gaga Painting Sold

I like to say, "Patience is a virtue". My Elephant Lady Gaga painting was sold today to the highest bidder! One Year Auction website/experiment was conducted to see if my painting can sell for $1 million. Why not? See The Most Expensive Paintings Ever Sold list to find out what some artwork is selling for. One Million was the ultimate goal and I had $1M price tag as Buy Now option. Elephant Lady Gaga was listed for the full year and received total of 33 bids. Well, nobody wanted to go as high as $1,000,000 but I am still very excited with the outcome. I also have few other paintings for sale and the same time I am opening up my website to other artists so they can list their artwork.

List Your Painting or Other Artwork on One Year Auction For One Year

One Year Auction website was created in 2011 by artist Rasa Levinskaite to promote and sell her own artwork. The site proved to be a success and Rasa opened up the auction to other artists like herself to where they can list and sell their paintings or any other artwork for a period of one year.

The Most Expensive Paintings Ever Sold

My experiment is to sell one original painting for $1
Million in 12 months. For this purpose I’ve created One Year Auction website
with only one painting: “Elephant – Lady Gaga”. Compare to the list of “The Most Expensive Paintings Ever
Sold” I am asking for pennies. Based on the list it shouldn’t be that hard to
sell “Elephant – Lady Gaga” for $1 Million. 



"Number 5, 1948", 1948

$140 Million

$151 Million -
adjusted price for inflation

Sotheby’s Auction House, private sale in 2006. Seller: David
Geffen. Buyer: Unknown. “No. 5, 1948” is a painting by Jackson Pollock, an American
painter known for his contributions to the abstract expressionist movement. The painting was
done on an 8' x 4' sheet of fiberboard, with thick amounts of brown and yellow paint
drizzled on top of it, forming a nest-like appearance. It was originally owned
by Samuel Irving Newhouse and displayed at the Museum of Modern Art before being sold to David Geffen and then allegedly to David Martinez in 2006 (though the supposed
sale of this painting to Martinez has been denied by his attorneys).



"Woman III", 1953

$137.5 Million

$148 Million -
adjusted price for inflation

Larry Gagosian Auction, private sale in 2006. Seller: David
Geffen. Buyer: Steven Cohen Pollock the first. De Kooning second. The immediate
conclusion is that the American abstract expressionism has displaced the impressionism
as the most sought after Art period. This painting is the only "Woman"
by Willem de Kooning still in private hands. One of these women -described by
T. Hess as "black goddesses"- has been chosen by as
one of the 50 masterworks of the history of painting.



"Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I", 1907

$135 Million

$144 Million -
adjusted price for inflation

Christie’s Auction House, private sale in 2006. Buyer:
Ronald Lauder. The acquisition of this iconic work by cosmetic magnate Ronald
Lauder caused a shock in the Art world, not only for the spectacular sum paid
for it, but also for the way it was sold, far away from the noisy auction
houses. The painting was part of a group of five canvases recently returned to
the heirs of Ferdinand Bloch-Bauer. The Nazis confiscated his paintings during
the World War II, and after the war, the canvases were placed at the National
Gallery of Austria in 1948.



"Nude, Green Leaves and Bust", 1932

$106.5 Million

Christie’s Auction House, private sale in 2010. Buyer:
Unknown. This sensual and colorful masterpiece by Picasso is the most expensive
painting ever sold at auction. The work, formerly in the collection of Mrs.
Sidney F. Brody, had been never exhibited in public since 1961.



"Garçon a la pipe", 1905

$104.1 Million

$119 Million -
adjusted price for inflation

Sotheby’s Auction House, private sale in 2010. Buyer: Unknown.
The sale of this young smoker was a milestone in the Art auctions world. It broke
the record that Vincent van Gogh held since 1990, and it was the first time that
the $100 million barrier was broken. Although the name of the buyer was not
revealed, some sources say that it could be Guido Barilla, the Italian pasta



"Eight Elvises", 1963

$100 Million

$100.5 Million -
adjusted price for inflation

Private sale via Phillipe Segalot in 2008. Buyer: Unknown. This
unique work by Warhol, measuring over 12 feet long, was at the collection of
Roman collector Annibale Berlingieri for over 40 years. It surpassed the
previous world record for a Wahol, the $71.7 million paid at Christie's New York in 2007 for
"Green Car Crash (Green Burning Car I)".



"Dora Maar au Chat", 1941

$95.2 Million

$102 Million -
adjusted price for inflation

Sotheby’s Auction House, private sale in 2006. Buyer: Unknown
Dora Maar (1907-1997) met Picasso in 1930, and their sentimental relation lasts
until 1946. A native from Paris, grown in Argentina and
fluent in Spanish, Maar was one of Picasso's favourite models. This painting,
measuring 130- 97 cm, was recently rediscovered and authenticated by Picasso's
daughter, Maya Widmaier Picasso. You can read the ArtWolf's article informing about
this sale in this link.



"Adele Bloch-bauer II ", 1912

$87.9 Million

$94.9 Million -
adjusted price for inflation

Christie’s Auction House, private sale in 2006. Buyer:
unknown. Sold only a few months later than Klimt's first version of Adele, this
extremely appealing canvas was the star lot

in a highly successful auction in which four works by Klimt -including
this- totaled a stunning $192 million. 


"Tryptich 1976", 1976

$86.3 Million

$86.7 Million -
adjusted price for inflation

Sotheby’s Auction House, private sale in 2008. Buyer: Roman
Abramovich. Francis Bacon is one of the most sought-after names in the Art
market, and this work easily surpassed its impressive $70 million estimate.



"Portrait of Dr. Gachet", 1890

$82.5 Million

$139 Million -
adjusted price for inflation

Christie’s Auction House, private sale in 1990. Buyer: Ryoei
Saito. Portrait
of Dr. Gachet
 is one of the most revered paintings by Dutch artist Vincent
van Gogh of Dr. Paul Gachet, who took care of him in his last months. In
1990, it fetched a record price of $82.5 million ($75 million, plus a 10
percent buyer's commission).


And most likely next year at the end of “Top 100 The Most
Expensive Paintings Ever Sold”list will be“Elephant – Lady Gaga”. Why not?


98. RASA

"Elephant – Lady Gaga", 2009


One Year Auction, private sale in March 2013. Buyer: Unknown. “Elephant - Lady Gaga” was the first painting from Elephant paintings series. “Elephant - Lady Gaga” was created by artist
Rasa at the end of 2009.

Harlem Shake Eclipses Elephant Lady Gaga

Harlem Shake craziness is taking over the world.

Harlem Shake is a song recorded by an American DJ and producer by the name of Baauer. The song was initially released as a digital download by the Mad Decent imprint label Jeffree's, back in May 2012.

Elephant Lady Gaga painting was created by Rasa Levinskaite. Inspiration came from Rasa’a passion for elephants and Lady Gaga’s song “Bad Romance”. In song’s video there is a moment where Lady Gaga’s eyes are round and very big.

Harlem Shake enjoyed a relatively modest bit of success following its release, the mechanical bass-heavy sounds and Dutch dance music staples satiating people looking for something unconventional in tone. It didn't sell a lot until February 2013.

Like the popular Gangnam Style before it, it became a phenomenon worldwide.

The meme

Internet memes are concepts spread from one person to another via the Internet. Fads and other trends travel through the Internet at a fast rate, typically containing facets of cultural information from around the world.

In the case of Harlem Shake, the meme initially started as a response to a video made by YouTube comedy video blogger Filthy Frank. Frank started the trend by making a video where costumed people danced to Baauer's Harlem Shake. A group of Aussie teenagers, the collective known as the The Sunny Coast Skate, responded to the video.

The Sunny Coast Skate collective uploaded their response video on February 2nd of this year. Just days later, the video became an instant viral hit on the web.

The concept of the Harlem Shake is simple, the main reason why it's so popular. The 30 to 32 second video memes commonly feature a 15 second intro with the song playing, as a single masked person dances. The unique thing is—that same person stays surrounded by several other disinterested people. Following the 'iconic' bass drop, the fixed camera angle jump cuts to the entire group crazily dancing for the remainder of the video.

The start to end of Harlem Shake makes the meme incredibly easy for people to replicate. Thousands of Harlem Shake videos are being uploaded to YouTube and other video sharing sites everyday. Even national news outlets and corporations are now in on the joke, since they're doing their own renditions. Some people, however, have declared their participation the end of the meme.

So, what's next?

Harlem Shake, as a meme, isn't going anywhere for the time being. It's just recently helped Baauer's eponymous song reach the number one spot on the US Billboard Hot 100. The success of the song and meme made Billboard count online video streams as a new component of their chart algorithms. Not bad for a new Internet meme.

Art Theft is Growing Rampantly

Art has always been a lucrative business for some artists, collectors, investors and thieves. In the last decade art theft has been one of the most increasing crimes and probably one of the least investigated ones. Governments simply have no budgets to go after art thieves. Here is the list of FBI top ten art crimes:

- Iraqi Looted and Stolen Artifacts
- Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum Theft
- Theft of Caravaggio's Nativity with San Lorenzo and San Francesco
- Theft of the Davidoff-Morini Stradivarius
- The Van Gogh Museum Robbery
- Theft of Cezanne's View of Auvers-sur-Oise
- Theft of the Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney Murals, Panels 3-A and 3-B
- Theft from the Museu Chacara do Céu
- Theft of Van Mieris's A Cavalier
- Theft from E.G. Bührle Collection, Zurich

Herbert Art Gallery & Museum Hits One Million

Herbert Art Gallery & Museum Hits One Million. It's not exactly one million dollars for one painting but the museum has welcomed its millionth visitor since reopening just over three years ago. One Year Auction congratulates Herbert Art Gallery & Museum for its achievement. You can read full story on BBC News.

Lady Gaga Nude Sketch Goes For Sale

There are many ways you can paint Lady Gaga and make money. One can paint an Elephant Lady Gaga or like Tony Bennett you can throw a nude sketch of Gaga. The sketch is now on auction on eBay to benefit Mr. Bennett's charity, Exploring the Arts, which helps fund art programs in public schools, and Lady Gaga's charity, Born This Way Foundation, with seeks to empower youth. But hurry, the bidding ends Dec. 19. You can read full story in Hispanic Business.

Lady Gaga Paintings

One Year Auction has some competition. Apparently there is a website selling Lady Gaga's paintings. There are hundreds of Gaga's paintings in this website. The good things is that none of those paintings is as unique and original as Elephant Lady Gaga. You can check out other Lady Gaga's paintings by visiting Fine Art America's website.

The High Bid Now is $13000!

The bids keep coming. Today a new bid was placed and now the high bid is at $13,000. One Year Auction is a website where I try to sell Elephant Lady Gaga painting in one year to the highest bidder. Please check my other paintings on this website.

Google Art Project is Amazing

I recently discovered Google Art Project. It is an online compilation of high-resolution images of artworks from galleries worldwide, as well as a virtual tour of the galleries in which they are housed. The project was launched on 1 February 2011 by Google, and includes works in the Tate Gallery, London; the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City; and the Uffizi, Florence.

Just wondering if one day Google Art Project will feature One Year Auction.

One Year Auction 2011